Factory Wholesale Price Landcruiser Spark Plug Denso Ik16tt for All Kinds of Cars 4701

yxdel94.en.made-in-china.com Shenzhen yunxudong import&export CO.,Ltd is professional factory of spark plugs,brake pad,filter,ignition coil and fuel pump for 15years.All the style can be customized by you ,accept OEM/EDM service.We are skillful foreign trade team. We have careful Quality Control team

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Shenzhen yunxudong import&export CO.,Ltd is professional factory of spark plugs,brake pad,filter,ignition coil and fuel pump for 15years.All the style can be customized by you ,accept OEM/EDM service.
We are skillful foreign trade team. 
We have careful Quality Control team. 
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Factory Wholesale Price Landcruiser Spark Plugs Denso Ik16tt for All Kinds of Car 4701


Spark Plug | NPS : IK16TT

  • Specification: Irridium P/L
  • Ø: 14 mm
  • Spanner size: 16
  • Tightening Torque: 22 Nm
  • Weight: 43 g
  • Spark Plug: 1 - Earthed Electrode
  • Thread Measurement 1: 19

Factory Wholesale Price Landcruiser Spark Plugs Denso Ik16tt for All Kinds of Car 4701

IK16TT 4701 Spark Plugs can fit got these car model:
ACURA  MDX (YD1) 3.5 All-wheel DriveJ35A334711796Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2005
ACURA  MDX (YD1) 3.5 All-wheel DriveJ35A434711936Closed Off-Road Vehicle2000-2005
ACURA  MDX (YD1) 3.5 All-wheel DriveJ35A434711866Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2006
ACURA  NSX 3.0C30A329772016Coupe1990-1997
ACURA  NSX R 3.0C30A429771886Coupe1992-1997
ACURA  NSX Targa (NA1) T 3.0C30A429771886Targa1995-1997
ACURA  RL 3.5C35A534741536Saloon2000-2004
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.8 MPI939 A4.00017961034Saloon2007-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.9 JTS939 A6.00018591184Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 (939_) 2.2 JTS939 A5.00021981364Saloon2005-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.8 MPI939 A4.00017961034Estate2007-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.9 JTS939 A6.00018591184Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 2.2 JTS939 A5.00021981364Estate2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO BRERA (939_) 2.2 JTS (939.DXB11)939 A5.00021981364Hatchback2006-2011
ALFA ROMEO  ROMEO SPIDER (939_) 2.2 JTS939 A5.00021981364Convertible2006-2011
ALPINA  B12 (E32) 5.0M70 B50 (5012KA)498825812Saloon1988-1994
ALPINA  B12 (E38) 5.7M70 B57 (5714K2)564628512Saloon1995-1998
ALPINA  B12 Coupe (E31) 5.0M70 B50 (5012KA)498825812Coupe1990-1994
ALPINA  B12 Coupe (E31) 5.6M70 B57 (5714KA)564630612Coupe1992-1996
AUDI  A4 (8E2, B6) 2.0ALT1984964Saloon2000-2004
AUDI  A4 (8EC, B7) 2.0ALT1984964Saloon2004-2008
AUDI  A4 Avant (8E5, B6) 2.0ALT1984964Estate2001-2004
AUDI  A4 Avant (8ED, B7) 2.0ALT1984964Estate2004-2008
AUDI  A4 Convertible (8H7, B6, 8HE, B7) 2.0ALT1984964Convertible2004-2005
AUDI  A8 (4D2, 4D8) 2.8AEJ27711206Saloon1995-1996
AUDI  A8 (4D2, 4D8) 2.8 quattroAEJ27711206Saloon1995-1996
BENTLEY  CONTINENTAL 6.75 V8 SL 410 M1T67472868Coupe1994-1995
BENTLEY  TURBO R 6.7L 410 IT67502868Saloon1995-1998
BMW  3 (E30) 316 iM40 B16 (164E1)1596734Saloon1987-1991
BMW  3 (E30) 318 iM40 B18 (184E1)1796854Saloon1987-1991
BMW  3 (E30) 318 iM40 B18 (184E1)1796834Saloon1987-1991
BMW  3 Convertible (E30) 318 iM40 B18 (184E1)1796834Convertible1990-1993
BMW  3 Touring (E30) 316 iM40 B16 (164E1)1596734Estate1991-1994
BMW  3 Touring (E30) 318 iM40 B18 (184E1)1796834Estate1989-1994
BMW  3 Touring (E30) 318 iM40 B18 (184E1)1796854Estate1987-1991
BMW  7 (E32) 750 i,iL V12M70 B50 (5012A)498822012Saloon1987-1994
BMW  8 (E31) 850 CSiS70 B56 (56121)557628012Coupe1993-1996
BMW  8 (E31) 850 CSiS70 B56 (56121)557627812Coupe1993-1995
BMW  8 (E31) 850 i,CiM70 B50 (5012A)498822012Coupe1990-1994
CADILLAC  BLS 2.0 T FlexpowerZ 20 LER19981474Saloon2007-
CADILLAC  BLS Wagon 2.0 T FlexpowerZ 20 LER19981474Estate2007-
CHERY  QQ3 0.8SQR372812383Hatchback2004-2012
CHERY  TIGGO 2.44G64-S4M2350954Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2008
CHERY  TIGGO 2.4 All-wheel Drive4G64-S4M2350954Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2008
CHEVROLET  CAPRICE CLASSIC Estate 5.7LO557331388Estate1991-1993
CHEVROLET  CAPRICE CLASSIC Saloon (1BL_) 5.7LO557331388Saloon1990-1992
CHEVROLET  CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 3.2 4WD10 HM31951696Closed Off-Road Vehicle2006-
CHEVROLET  MW 1.3M13A1328654Hatchback2000-2010
CHRYSLER  300 C (LX) 3.53.5CSP35181836Saloon2004-2012
CHRYSLER  300 C Touring (LX) 3.53.5CSP,EEG35181836Estate2004-2010
CHRYSLER  300 C Touring (LX) 3.5 AWD3.5CSP35181836Estate2004-2010
CHRYSLER  300 M (LR) 3.5 V6 24VEGG35181876Saloon1998-2000
CHRYSLER  300 M (LR) 3.5 V6 24VEGG35181856Saloon2000-2004
CHRYSLER  CIRRUS 2.4 LXEDZ24291034Saloon1994-2000
CHRYSLER  SEBRING (JS) 2.0 VVTECN19981154Saloon2007-2010
CHRYSLER  SEBRING (JS) 2.4 VVTED3,EDG23601254Saloon2007-2010
CHRYSLER  SEBRING Convertible (JS) 2.4 VVTED323601254Convertible2007-2010
CHRYSLER  STRATUS (JA) 2.4 16 VEDZ24291034Saloon1995-2001
CHRYSLER  STRATUS (JA) 2.4 16VEDZ24291124Saloon1995-2001
CHRYSLER  STRATUS (JA) 2.5 LX V6EEB,H0024971206Saloon1995-2001
CHRYSLER  STRATUS (JA) 2.5 V6H0024971256Saloon1995-2001
CHRYSLER  STRATUS Convertible (JX) 2.5 LX625H24991206Convertible1996-2001
CITROEN  C-CROSSER (EP_) 2.4 16VSFZ (4B12-MMC)23601254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-
CITROEN  C-CROSSER ENTERPRISE 2.4 16V4B1223601254Box2009-
CITROEN  XSARA (N1) 1.6 iNFZ (TU5JP)1587654Hatchback1997-2000
CITROEN  XSARA Break (N2) 1.6 iNFZ (TU5JP)1587654Estate1997-2000
CITROEN  XSARA Coupe (N0) 1.6 iNFZ (TU5JP)1587654Coupe1998-2000
CITROEN  XSARA PICASSO (N68) 1.6 ChronoNFV (TU5JP)1587744MPV2001-2004
DAEWOO  KORANDO (KJ) 3.2 4x4M 104.99531991566Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-
DAEWOO  MUSSO (FJ) 3.2 4x4M 104.99231991626Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-
DAEWOO  REXTON (GAB_) 3.2 V6M 162.99231991626Closed Off-Road Vehicle2002-
DAIHATSU  CHARADE (L2_) 1.0 (L251S)EJ-VE989433Hatchback2003-
DAIHATSU  CUORE V (L7_) 1.0EJ-DE989403Hatchback1998-2000
DAIHATSU  CUORE V (L7_) 1.0 DVVTEJ-VE989433Hatchback2000-2003
DAIHATSU  CUORE V (L7_) 1.0 i (L701)EJ-DE,EJ-VE989413Hatchback1998-2003
DAIHATSU  CUORE VI (L251, L250_, L260_) 1.0EJ-VE989433Hatchback2003-
DAIHATSU  MOVE (L9_) 1.0 iEJ-DE989413MPV1998-2002
DAIHATSU  SIRION (M1) 1.0EJ-DE989403Hatchback1998-2000
DAIHATSU  SIRION (M1) 1.0 i (M100)EJ-DE989413Hatchback1998-2000
DAIHATSU  SIRION (M1) 1.0 i (M101)EJ-VE989433Hatchback2000-2005
DAIHATSU  SIRION (M1) 1.0 i 4WDEJ-DE989413Hatchback1999-2000
DAIHATSU  SIRION (M1) 1.0 i 4WDEJ-VE989433Hatchback2000-2005
DAIHATSU  TREVIS 1.0EJ-VE989433Hatchback2006-
DAIHATSU  YRV (M2) 1.0EJ-VE989433Estate2001-
DODGE  AVENGER 2.0ECN19981154Saloon2007-
DODGE  AVENGER 2.4ED3,EDG23601294Saloon2007-
DODGE  CALIBER 1.8EBA17981104Hatchback2006-2009
DODGE  CALIBER 2.0ECN19981154Hatchback2006-
DODGE  CALIBER 2.4ED323591254Hatchback2006-
DODGE  CALIBER 2.4ED323591264Hatchback2006-
DODGE  CALIBER 2.4 AWDED323591254Hatchback2006-
DODGE  CARAVAN 2.4 iEDZ24291114MPV1995-2001
DODGE  JOURNEY 2.4ED323601254MPV2009-
DODGE  JOURNEY 2.4ED3,EDG23601294MPV2008-
DODGE  JOURNEY 2.4 ECO+EDG23601254MPV2009-
DODGE  NITRO 4.0 4WDEGS39521916Closed Off-Road Vehicle2006-2007
DODGE  STRATUS 2.4 16 VEDZ24291034Saloon1995-2001
DODGE  STRATUS 2.4 16VEDZ24291124Saloon1995-2001
EMGRAND (GEELY)  (GEELY) EC7 Saloon 1.5JLY-4G151498804Saloon2009-2015
EMGRAND (GEELY)  (GEELY) EC7 Saloon 1.5JL4G15D1498724Saloon2009-2013
EMGRAND (GEELY)  (GEELY) EC7 Saloon 1.8JL4G181792934Saloon2009-
EMGRAND (GEELY)  (GEELY) EC7-RV Hatchback 1.5JL4G15D,JLY-4G151498804Hatchback2009-2015
FIAT  BRAVO I (182_) 1.6182 B6.0001596764Hatchback2000-2001
FIAT  CROMA (194_) 1.8 16V939 A4.00017961034Estate2005-
FIAT  DOBLO Cargo (223_) 1.2 (223ZXA1A)223 A5.0001242484Box Body / Estate2001-
FIAT  DOBLO Cargo (223_) 1.6 16V (223ZXD1A)182 B6.0001596764Box Body / Estate2001-
FIAT  DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_) 1.2 (223AXA1A)223 A5.0001242484MPV2001-
FIAT  DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_) 1.6 16V (223AXD1A)182 B6.0001596764MPV2001-
FIAT  FREEMONT (345_) 2.4ED3,EDG23601254Estate2011-
FIAT  MAREA (185_) 1.6185 A3.0001581684Saloon1999-2000
FIAT  MAREA (185_) 1.6182 B6.0001596764Saloon2000-2002
FIAT  MAREA (185_) 1.6 100 16V Bipower185 A3.000,186 A4.0001581764Saloon1999-2002
FIAT  MAREA (185_) 1.6 16V185 A3.0001581754Saloon1997-1999
FIAT  MAREA Weekend (185_) 1.6182 B6.0001596764Estate2000-2002
FIAT  MULTIPLA (186_) 1.6182 B6.0001596764MPV2000-2010
FIAT  MULTIPLA (186_) 1.6 16V (186AGB1A)182 B6.0001596704MPV2002-2010
FIAT  MULTIPLA (186_) 1.6 16V Bipower (186AMB1A)186 A4.0001581764MPV1999-2010
FIAT  PALIO (178_) 1.2178 B7.045,178 C4.066,188 A4.0001242444Hatchback1997-2002
FIAT  PALIO (178_) 1.4178 B2.0001372514Hatchback1996-2002
FIAT  PALIO (178_) 1.4 Cat178 B2.0161372514Hatchback1996-2001
FIAT  PALIO (178_) 1.6 16V178 B3.0001581744Hatchback1996-2002
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.2178 C4.066,188 A4.0001242444Estate1997-2004
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.2 Flex188 A4.0001242444Estate1997-2002
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.2 LPG188 A4.0001242444Estate1997-2002
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.4178 B2.0001372514Estate1997-2001
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.6178 B3.0001581784Estate2001-
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.6 16V178 B3.0001581744Estate1996-2001
FIAT  PALIO Weekend (178_) 1.6 16V182 B6.0001596764Estate2001-
FIAT  PANDA (141_) 1100156 C.0461108374Hatchback1991-1999
FIAT  PANDA (141_) 1100176 B2.000,187 A1.0001108404Hatchback1995-2003
FIAT  PANDA (141_) 1100 Trekking 4x4156 C.0461108374Hatchback1991-2004
FIAT  PANDA (169_) 1.1187 A1.0001108404Hatchback2003-
FIAT  PANDA (169_) 1.2188 A4.0001242444Hatchback2003-
FIAT  PANDA (169_) 1.2 4x4188 A4.0001242444Hatchback2004-
FIAT  PANDA (169_) 1.2 LPG188 A4.0001242444Hatchback2009-
FIAT  PANDA (169_) 1.2 Natural Power188 A4.0001242444Hatchback2007-2011
FIAT  PANDA Van (141_) 1.1187 A1.0001108404Box2000-2004
FIAT  PANDA Van (141_) 1.1156 C.0461108374Box1991-1995
FIAT  PANDA Van (141_) 1.1 4x4187 A1.0001108404Box2000-2004
FIAT  PANDA Van (141_) 750141 B.000764254Box1986-1992
FIAT  PANDA Van (169_) 1.1187 A1.0001108404Box2004-
FIAT  PANDA Van (169_) 1.2188 A4.0001242444Box2004-
FIAT  PANDA Van (169_) 1.2 4x4188 A4.0001242444Box2004-
FIAT  PUNTO (188_) 1.2 60 (188.030, .050, .130, .150, .230, .250)188 A4.0001242444Hatchback1999-2010
FIAT  PUNTO (188_) 1.2 Natural Power188 A4.0001242444Hatchback2003-2012
FIAT  PUNTO Van (188_) 1.2 60188 A4.0001242444Box2000-2009
FIAT  SEICENTO / 600 (187_) 1.1 (187AXB, 187AXB1A, 187AXC1A02)176 B2.000,187 A1.0001108404Hatchback1998-2010
FIAT  SIENA (178_, 172_) 1.2178 C4.066,188 A4.0001242444Saloon2001-2009
FIAT  SIENA (178_, 172_) 1.4178 B2.0001372514Saloon1996-2009
FIAT  SIENA (178_, 172_) 1.4 Cat178 B2.0161372514Saloon1996-2009
FIAT  SIENA (178_, 172_) 1.6182 B6.0001596764Saloon2000-2009
FIAT  SIENA (178_, 172_) 1.6 16V178 B3.0001581784Saloon1998-2009
FIAT  STILO (192_) 1.6182 B6.00015961004Hatchback2005-2006
FIAT  STILO (192_) 1.6 16V192 B3.0001598774Hatchback2005-2006
FIAT  STILO (192_) 1.6 16V (192_XB1A)182 B6.0001596764Hatchback2001-2006
FIAT  STILO (192_) 1.8 16V (192_XC1A)192 A4.0001747984Hatchback2001-2006
FIAT  STILO Multi Wagon (192_) 1.6 16V182 B6.0001596764Estate2003-2008
FIAT  STILO Multi Wagon (192_) 1.6 16V192 B3.0001598774Estate2005-2007
FIAT  STILO Multi Wagon (192_) 1.8 16V192 A4.0001747984Estate2003-2008
FIAT  STRADA Pickup (178_) 1.2188 A4.0001242444Pickup2003-
FORD  GALAXY (WGR) 2.8 V6AYL27921506MPV2000-2006
GEELY  BL Coupe 1.5MR479QA1498694Coupe2005-
GEELY  FREE CRUISER Saloon 1.55A-FE,MR479QA1498694Saloon2005-2012
GEELY  HISOON Hatchback 1.5MR479QA1498694Hatchback2004-2009
GEELY  MARINDO 1.5JL479QA,MR479QA1498694Saloon2005-2007
GEELY  MK Hatchback 1.5MR479QA1498694Hatchback2012-
GEELY  MK Saloon 1.5MR479QA1498694Saloon2012-
GEELY  MK Saloon 1.5MR479QA1498694Saloon2005-2013
GEELY  MR Hatchback 1.5MR479QA1498694Hatchback2005-
GEELY  MR Sedan 1.5MR479QA1498694Saloon2005-
GEELY  VISION 1.5JL4G15D1498784Saloon2009-2011
GREAT WALL  WALL FLORID 1.5GW4G151497744Hatchback2008-2013
GREAT WALL  WALL HOVER M4 1.5GW4G151497784Closed Off-Road Vehicle2012-
GREAT WALL  WALL TENGYI C10 Hatchback 1.5GW4G151497714Hatchback2010-
GREAT WALL  WALL TENGYI C20R Hatchback 1.5GW4G151497714Hatchback2013-
GREAT WALL  WALL TENGYI C30 Saloon 1.5GW4G151497714Saloon2010-
HOLDEN  FRONTERA (UES) 3.2 i 4x46VD131651516Closed Off-Road Vehicle1998-2004
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.0 16V (CB3)F20A61997664Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.0 16V (CB3)F20A2,F20A31997814Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.0 iF20A51997994Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.0 i 16V (CB3)F20A4,F20A81997984Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.2 (CB3, CB7)F22A6,F22A921561034Saloon1991-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.2 i 16V (CB7)F22A321561104Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV (CB) 2.2 i 16V Automatik (CB7)F22A321561084Saloon1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV Aerodeck (CB) 2.2 (CB8, CB9)F22A621561034Estate1992-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV Aerodeck (CB) 2.2 i 16V (CB8)F22A821561084Estate1991-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV Aerodeck (CB) 2.2 i 16V (CB8)F22A721561104Estate1991-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV Coupe (CB, CC) 2.0 iF20A51997994Coupe1990-1993
HONDA  ACCORD IV Coupe (CB, CC) 2.0 i 16V (CC1)F20A71997984Coupe1992-1993
HONDA  ACCORD V (CC, CD) 2.2 VtiF22B121561084Saloon1994-1997
HONDA  ACCORD V (CE, CF_) 1.9 i (CE7)F18A31850854Saloon1996-1998
HONDA  ACCORD V Aerodeck (CE) 2.0 i LS 16V (CE2)F20B319971004Estate1993-1998
HONDA  ACCORD V Aerodeck (CE) 2.2 i ES (CE1)F22B521561104Estate1993-1998
HONDA  ACCORD V Coupe (CD) 2.0 (CD9)F20B319971004Coupe1993-1997
HONDA  ACCORD V Coupe (CD) 2.2 i ES (CD7)F22B521561104Coupe1993-1998
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 1.6 LS (CG7)D16B71590794Saloon1998-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 1.6 i (CG7)D16B61590854Saloon1998-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 1.8 i (CG8)F18B218501004Saloon1998-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 2.0 i (CG9)F20B619971084Saloon1998-2001
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 2.3 (CG5)F23A122541104Saloon1997-1999
HONDA  ACCORD VI (CK, CG, CH, CF8) 2.3 (CL3)F23A1,F23Z522541134Saloon2001-2003
HONDA  ACCORD VI Coupe (CG) 2.0F20B719971074Coupe1999-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI Coupe (CG) 2.0 i 16VF20B5,F20B719971084Coupe1998-2003
HONDA  ACCORD VI Coupe (CG) 3.0 V6 24V (CG2)J30A129971476Coupe1998-2003
HONDA  ACCORD VI Hatchback (CH, CL) 1.6 (CH5)D16B61590854Hatchback1999-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI Hatchback (CH, CL) 1.8 i (CH6)F18B218501004Hatchback1999-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI Hatchback (CH, CL) 2.0 (CH7)F20B619971084Hatchback1999-2002
HONDA  ACCORD VI Hatchback (CH, CL) 2.3 (CL4)F23Z522541134Hatchback2000-2002
HONDA  AVANCIER 2.3 4x4F23A22541104Estate1999-2003
HONDA  AVANCIER 3.0 4x4J30A29971586Estate1999-2003
HONDA  CAPA 1.5 16VD15B1493724MPV1998-2002
HONDA  CIVIC V Coupe (EJ) 1.6 i (EJ6)D16Y71590774Coupe1994-1995
HONDA  CIVIC V Coupe (EJ) 1.6 i Vtec (EJ1)D16Y6,D16Z91590924Coupe1994-1996
HONDA  CIVIC V Hatchback (EG) 1.5 i 16V (EG4)D15B2,D15Z11493694Hatchback1991-1995
HONDA  CIVIC V Hatchback (EG) 1.5 i 16V (EG4)D15B2,D15Z21493664Hatchback1991-1995
HONDA  CIVIC V Hatchback (EG) 1.6 si 16V (EG6)D16A81590904Hatchback1991-1993
HONDA  CIVIC V Saloon (EG, EH) 1.5 i 16V (EG8)D15B2,D15Z11493694Saloon1991-1995
HONDA  CIVIC V Saloon (EG, EH) 1.6 si 16VD16A81590904Saloon1991-1993
HONDA  CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) 1.4 16V (MB8)D14A71396554Estate1998-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) 1.5 16V (MB9)D15Z81493844Estate1998-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) 1.6 16V (MC1)D16B21590854Estate1998-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) 1.6 16V (MC1)D16W41590924Estate1998-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Coupe (EJ, EM1) 1.6D16Y71590794Coupe1996-1999
HONDA  CIVIC VI Coupe (EJ, EM1) 1.6 iD16Y71590774Coupe1996-2000
HONDA  CIVIC VI Coupe (EJ, EM1) 1.6 i Vtec (EM1)D16Y81590924Coupe1996-2000
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.5 16V (MB3)D15Z81493844Hatchback1997-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.5 i Vtec-E (MA9)D15Z31493664Hatchback1994-1997
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.6D16W41590924Hatchback1998-2000
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.6 16V (MB4)D16B21590854Hatchback1997-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.6 i (MB1)D16Y31590834Hatchback1994-1997
HONDA  CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) 1.6 i Vtec (MB1)D16Y21590934Hatchback1994-1997
HONDA  CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) 1.5 i (EK3)D15Z61493844Hatchback1995-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) 1.6D16W41590924Hatchback1998-2000
HONDA  CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) 1.6D16Y21590934Hatchback1995-2000
HONDA  CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) 1.6 i (EK1)D16Y51590844Hatchback1995-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Saloon (EJ, EK) 1.5 i (EK3)D15Z61493844Saloon1995-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VI Saloon (EJ, EK) 1.6 i VtecD16Y6,D16Y81590924Saloon1995-2001
HONDA  CIVIC VII Coupe (EM2) 1.6 iD16V11590814Coupe2001-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV) 1.4 iD14Z61396554Hatchback2001-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV) 1.4 iS (EP1)D14Z5,D14Z61396664Hatchback2001-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV) 1.6 iD16V11590814Hatchback2001-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 1.3 Hybrid (ES9)LDA11339694Saloon2002-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 1.3 IMA (ED9, ES9)LDA11339614Saloon2003-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 1.4 (ES4)D14Z51396664Saloon2000-2005
HONDA  CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 1.6D16V11590814Saloon2001-2005
HONDA  CR-V I (RD) 2.0 (RD1)B20Z11973984Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2002
HONDA  CR-V I (RD) 2.0 16V 4WD (RD1, RD3)B20B1973944Closed Off-Road Vehicle1995-2001
HONDA  CR-V I (RD) 2.0 16V 4WD (RD1, RD3)B20Z119731084Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2002
HONDA  CRX III (EH, EG) 1.6 ESi (EH6)D16Y8,D16Z61590924Targa1992-1998
HONDA  DOMANI (MA_) 1.5D15B31493694Saloon1992-1995
HONDA  DOMANI (MJ_) 1.6D16A1590884Saloon1995-1999
HONDA  DOMANI (MJ_) 1.6 All-wheel DriveD16A1590884Saloon1995-1999
HONDA  HR-V (GH) 1.6 16V (GH1, GH3)D16W11590774Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-
HONDA  HR-V (GH) 1.6 16V 4WD (GH2, GH4)D16W11590774Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-
HONDA  HR-V (GH) 1.6 16V 4WD (GH2, GH4)D16W51590914Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-
HONDA  INSPIRE (UA1, UA3) 3.2 GXC32A32061556Saloon1995-1998
HONDA  INSPIRE (UA4, UA5) 3.2 (UA5)J32A32101916Saloon1998-2003
HONDA  INTEGRA Coupe (DC2, DC4) 1.6ZC11590884Coupe1993-2001
HONDA  INTEGRA Coupe (DC2, DC4) 1.8B18B218341074Coupe1993-2001
HONDA  LAGREAT 3.5 EXJ35A34711516MPV1998-2002
HONDA  LEGEND III (KA) 3.5 i 24V (KA9)C35A234741516Saloon1996-1997
HONDA  LEGEND III (KA) 3.5 i 24V (KA9)C35A234741536Saloon1997-2004
HONDA  LEGEND IV (KB_) 3.5 V6 4WD (KB1)C35A8,J35A834712176Saloon2004-2012
HONDA  LOGO (GA) 1.3 (GA3)D13B71343484Hatchback1999-2002
HONDA  NSX Convertible (NA) 3.0 24V VtecC30A329772016Convertible1995-2005
HONDA  NSX Convertible (NA) 3.0 24V Vtec AutomaticC30A429771886Convertible1995-2005
HONDA  NSX Coupe (NA) 3.0 24V Vtec (NA1)C30A329772016Coupe1990-2005
HONDA  NSX Coupe (NA) 3.0 24V Vtec Automatik (NA1)C30A429771886Coupe1990-2005
HONDA  ODYSSEY (RB_) 2.3F23A22541104MPV2002-2003
HONDA  ODYSSEY (RB_) 3.5J35A34711716MPV2002-2004
HONDA  ODYSSEY (RB_) 3.5J35A834711826MPV2005-
HONDA  ODYSSEY MPV (RA_) 2.3F23A722541104MPV1997-1999
HONDA  ODYSSEY MPV (RA_) 2.3 4x4F23A22541104MPV1997-1999
HONDA  ORTHIA / PARTNER (EL_, EY_) 1.5D15B1493774Estate1995-2002
HONDA  ORTHIA / PARTNER (EL_, EY_) 1.8B18B618341034Estate1995-2001
HONDA  ORTHIA / PARTNER (EL_, EY_) 2.0B20B19721104Estate1995-2001
HONDA  ORTHIA / PARTNER (EL_, EY_) 2.0 4WDB20B19721104Estate1995-2001
HONDA  PRELUDE IV (BB_) 2.0 i 16V (BB3)F20A41997984Coupe1992-1996
HONDA  PRELUDE V (BB_) 2.0 16V (BB9)F20A41997984Coupe1996-2000
HONDA  RIDGELINE (YK) 3.5 4x4 (YK1)J35A934711886Pickup2005-2014
HONDA  SHUTTLE (RA) 2.2 16V (RA1)F22B821561104MPV1994-1998
HONDA  SHUTTLE (RA) 2.3 16V (RA3, RA6)F23A722541104MPV1997-2004
HONDA  SHUTTLE (RA) 3.0 (RA8)J30A29971546MPV1997-2004
HONDA  SHUTTLE (RA) 3.0 4x4J30A29971546MPV1997-2002
HONDA  SMX 2.0 4WDB20B1973964Hatchback1996-2001
HONDA  STEPWGN (E-RF_, GF-RF_) 2.0B20B1972994MPV1996-2000
HONDA (GAC)  (GAC) ODYSSEY MPV 2.3F23Z422541104MPV2002-2004
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.3G4EH1341444Hatchback1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.3G4EH1341554Hatchback1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.3 i 12VG4EH1341624Hatchback1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.5 16VG4FK1495764Hatchback1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.5 i 12VG4EK1495654Hatchback1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT I (X-3) 1.5 i 16VG4ER1495734Hatchback1995-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.3G4EA1341554Hatchback2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.3G4EA1341614Hatchback2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.3G4EA1341634Hatchback2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.3G4EH1341624Hatchback2002-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.5G4EC-G1495754Hatchback2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.5G4EB1495664Hatchback2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.5G4EK1495654Hatchback1999-2002
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II (LC) 1.6G4ED-G1599774Hatchback2002-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.3G4EA1341554Saloon2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.3G4EA1341634Saloon2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.5G4EB1495664Saloon2000-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.5G4FK1495754Saloon1999-2002
HYUNDAI  ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.6G4ED-G1599774Saloon2002-2005
HYUNDAI  ACCENT III (MC) 1.4 GLG4EE1399714Hatchback2005-2010
HYUNDAI  ACCENT III (MC) 1.6 GLSG4ED1599824Hatchback2005-2010
HYUNDAI  ACCENT III Saloon (MC) 1.4 GLG4EE1399714Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  ACCENT III Saloon (MC) 1.6 GLSG4ED1599824Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.3G4EH1341444Saloon1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.3G4EH1341554Saloon1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.3 i 12VG4EH1341624Saloon1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.5G4EK1495634Saloon1994-1999
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.5 i 12VG4EK1495654Saloon1994-2000
HYUNDAI  ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.5 i 16VG4ER1495734Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.0 iG4HC999404Hatchback1998-2000
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.0 iG4HC-E999434Hatchback2001-2003
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.0 iG4HC999414Hatchback1998-2002
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.1G4HG1086464Hatchback2003-2008
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.1G4HD1086434Hatchback2003-2008
HYUNDAI  ATOS (MX) 1.1G4HG1086454Hatchback2003-2010
HYUNDAI  ATOS PRIME (MX) 1.0 iG4HC999404Hatchback1999-
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 1.6 16VG4ED-G1599774Coupe2002-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 1.6 16VG4ED-G1599794Coupe2002-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 2.0G4GC-G19751024Coupe2002-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 2.0G4GC-G19751004Coupe2001-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 2.0 GLSG4GC-G19751054Coupe2003-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 2.7 V6G6BA-G26561236Coupe2002-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (GK) 2.7 V6G6BA-G26561216Coupe2001-2009
HYUNDAI  COUPE (RD) 1.6 16VG4GR1599854Coupe1998-2002
HYUNDAI  COUPE (RD) 1.6 i 16VG4GR1599844Coupe1996-2002
HYUNDAI  COUPE (RD) 1.6 i 16VG4ED-G1599794Coupe2000-2002
HYUNDAI  COUPE (RD) 2.0 16VG4GF19751024Coupe1996-2002
HYUNDAI  COUPE (RD) F2 EvolutionG4GF19751154Coupe1999-1999
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 1.6G4ED-G1599794Hatchback2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 1.6G4ED-G1599774Hatchback2003-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 1.6G4GR1599664Hatchback2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 1.8G4BB,G4GB1795974Hatchback2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 2.0G4GC19751044Hatchback2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 2.0G4GC-G19751024Hatchback2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA (XD) 2.0G4GC19751054Hatchback2003-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (HD) 1.6 CVVTG4FC1591904Saloon2006-2011
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (HD) 2.0 CVVTG4GC19751034Saloon2006-2010
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.5 16VG4EC-G1495754Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.6G4ED-G1599794Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.6G4ED-G1599774Saloon2003-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.6G4GR1599664Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 1.8G4BB,G4GB1795974Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 2.0G4GC19751044Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 2.0G4GC-G19751024Saloon2000-2006
HYUNDAI  ELANTRA Saloon (XD) 2.0G4GC19751054Saloon2003-2006
HYUNDAI  EQUUS (JS) 3.5G6CU34971556Saloon2006-2009
HYUNDAI  GENESIS (BH) 3.3 24VG6DB33421716Saloon2008-2014
HYUNDAI  GENESIS (BH) 3.3 24VG6DH33422216Saloon2008-2014
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.1G4HD1086464Hatchback2002-2005
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.1G4HD,G4HG1086494Hatchback2005-2009
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.3G4EA1341614Hatchback2004-2009
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.3G4EA1341634Hatchback2003-2005
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.3 iG4EA1341604Hatchback2002-2004
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.4 iG4EE1399714Hatchback2005-2010
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.6G4ED-G1599774Hatchback2002-2005
HYUNDAI  GETZ (TB) 1.6G4ED-G1599784Hatchback2005-2006
HYUNDAI  GRANDEUR (TG) 2.4G4KC23591214Saloon2009-2011
HYUNDAI  GRANDEUR (TG) 3.3G6DB33421916Saloon2010-2011
HYUNDAI  GRANDEUR (TG) 3.3G6DB33421736Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  HIGHWAY VAN 2.0 16VG4JP19971004Box2000-2004
HYUNDAI  HIGHWAY VAN 2.0 CVVTG4GC19751044Box2003-2004
HYUNDAI  HIGHWAY VAN 2.7 V6 24VG6BA26561256Box2000-2004
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.5 12VG4EK1495654Saloon1996-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.5 16VG4FK1495764Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 16VG4GR1599844Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 16VG4GR1599764Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 iG4GR1599664Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 1.8 16VG4GM1795944Saloon1995-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 2.0G4JP19971004Saloon1997-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II (J-2) 2.0 16VG4GF19751024Saloon1996-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 1.5 12VG4EK1495654Estate1997-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 1.6 16VG4GR1599844Estate1996-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 1.6 iG4GR1599664Estate1996-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 1.8 16VG4GM1795944Estate1996-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 2.0G4JP19971004Estate1997-2000
HYUNDAI  LANTRA II Wagon (J-2) 2.0 16VG4GF19751024Estate1996-2000
HYUNDAI  MATRIX (FC) 1.5G4EC-G1495754MPV2001-2010
HYUNDAI  MATRIX (FC) 1.6G4ED-G1599764MPV2001-2010
HYUNDAI  MATRIX (FC) 1.6G4ED-L1599664MPV2002-2005
HYUNDAI  MATRIX (FC) 1.8G4GB-G1795904MPV2001-2010
HYUNDAI  S COUPE (SLC) 1.5 iG4EK1495654Coupe1992-1996
HYUNDAI  SANTA FÉ I (SM) 2.7 4x4G6EA26561326Closed Off-Road Vehicle2000-2006
HYUNDAI  SANTA FÉ I (SM) 2.7 V6 4x4G6BA-G26561276Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAI  SONATA IV (EF) 2.5 V6 24VG6BV-G24931186Saloon1998-2001
HYUNDAI  SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 V6G6BA-G26561276Saloon2001-2004
HYUNDAI  SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 V6G6BA26561296Saloon2002-2004
HYUNDAI  SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 i V6G6BA-Y26561326Saloon2001-2005
HYUNDAI  SONATA V (NF) 2.0 VVTi GLSG4KA19981064Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  SONATA V (NF) 2.4G4KC23591194Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  SONATA V (NF) 3.3G6DB33421716Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  SONATA V (NF) 3.3G6DB33421846Saloon2008-2010
HYUNDAI  SONATA V (NF) 3.3G6DB33421736Saloon2005-2010
HYUNDAI  TERRACAN (HP) 3.5 i V6 4WDG6CU34971476Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAI  TERRACAN (HP) 3.5 i V6 4WDG6CU34971436Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAI  TIBURON Coupe 2.0 CVVTG4GC19751054Coupe2006-2008
HYUNDAI  TRAJET (FO) 2.0G4GC-G19751034MPV2004-2008
HYUNDAI  TRAJET (FO) 2.0G4GC19751044MPV2003-2008
HYUNDAI  TRAJET (FO) 2.7 V6G6BA-G26561276MPV2000-2008
HYUNDAI  TUCSON (JM) 2.0G4GC19751054Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2012
HYUNDAI  TUCSON (JM) 2.0G4GC19751044Closed Off-Road Vehicle2004-
HYUNDAI  TUCSON (JM) 2.0 All-wheel DriveG4GC19751044Closed Off-Road Vehicle2004-2010
HYUNDAI  TUCSON (JM) 2.0 All-wheel DriveG4GC19751054Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2010
HYUNDAI  TUCSON (JM) 2.7 All-wheel DriveG6BA-G26561296Closed Off-Road Vehicle2004-
HYUNDAI  XG (XG) 250G6BV24931206Saloon1998-2005
HYUNDAI  XG (XG) 30G6CT-G29721386Saloon1998-2005
HYUNDAI  XG (XG) 350G6CU34971456Saloon2002-2005
HYUNDAI  i10 (PA) 1.1G4HG1086514Hatchback2011-2013
HYUNDAI  i10 (PA) 1.1G4HG1086494Hatchback2008-2013
HYUNDAI  i10 (PA) 1.1G4HG1086484Hatchback2007-2013
HYUNDAI  i20 (PB, PBT) 1.6G4FC1591934Hatchback2008-2012
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 1.4G4FA1396804Hatchback2007-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 1.4G4FA1396774Hatchback2007-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 1.6G4FC1591904Hatchback2007-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 1.6G4FC1591854Hatchback2007-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 1.6G4FC1591934Hatchback2008-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 (FD) 2.0G4GC,G4GC-G19751054Hatchback2007-2011
HYUNDAI  i30 Estate (FD) 1.4G4FA1396774Estate2007-2012
HYUNDAI  i30 Estate (FD) 1.6G4FC1591904Estate2008-2012
HYUNDAI  i30 Estate (FD) 1.6G4FC1591854Estate2008-2012
HYUNDAI  i30 Estate (FD) 1.6G4FC1591934Estate2008-2012
HYUNDAI  i30 Estate (FD) 2.0G4GC,G4GC-G19751054Estate2008-2012
INFINITI  G20 2.0SR20DE1998854Saloon1990-1997
INFINITI  Q45 I 4.1VH41DE41302058Saloon1993-1996
INFINITI  Q45 II (FY33) 4.1VH41DE41302058Saloon1997-2001
INFINITI  QX 3.3VG33E32751256Closed Off-Road Vehicle1997-
ISUZU  TFR/TFS Pickup (TF_) 2.3F23A722541104Pickup1994-1999
ISUZU  TFR/TFS Pickup (TF_) 3.5 (TFR)6VE134941586Pickup1995-2002
ISUZU  TFR/TFS Pickup (TF_) 3.5 4WD (TFS)6VE134941586Pickup1995-2002
ISUZU  TROOPER II (UB) 3.26VD131651306Closed Off-Road Vehicle1991-1998
ISUZU  TROOPER II Open Off-Road Vehicle (UB) 3.26VD131651306Open Off-Road Vehicle1991-1998
ISUZU  TROOPER III 3.5 V6 24V6VE134941586Closed Off-Road Vehicle2000-2004
ISUZU  TROOPER III Open Off-Road Vehicle 3.5 V6 24V6VE134941586Open Off-Road Vehicle2000-2004
ISUZU  VEHICROSS (_U_) 3.2 4x4 (UGS25)6VD131651586Closed Off-Road Vehicle1997-2000
ISUZU  WIZARD (_U_) 3.2 4x4 (UES25)6VD131651586Closed Off-Road Vehicle1998-2002
JAGUAR  S-TYPE (X200) 4.0 V8AJ-V839962038Saloon1999-2002
JAGUAR  XF (X250) 4.2SV82G41962198Saloon2008-2015
JAGUAR  XF (X250) 4.2 KompressorSV8TS41963068Saloon2008-2015
JAGUAR  XF (X250) 5.0508PN50002838Saloon2009-2015
JAGUAR  XF (X250) 5.0 Kompressor508PS50003758Saloon2009-2015
JAGUAR  XJ (X308) 3.2 32481748Saloon1997-2003
JAGUAR  XJ (X308) 4.0BC39962098Saloon1997-2003
JAGUAR  XJ (X350) 8 3.6RG (AJ-V8)35551908Saloon2003-2009
JAGUAR  XJ (X350) 8 4.2AJ-V8,AJ8FT41962198Saloon2003-2009
JAGUAR  XJ (X350) R 4.2AJ8FT41962918Saloon2003-2009
JAGUAR  XJ (X351) 5.0 V 8508PN50002838Saloon2009-
JAGUAR  XJ (X351) 5.0 V8508PS50003468Saloon2009-
JAGUAR  XJ (X351) 5.0 V8508PS50003758Saloon2009-
JAGUAR  XK 8 Convertible (X100) 4.0CC,CE39962098Convertible1996-2005
JAGUAR  XK 8 Convertible (X100) 4.0AJ-V839962168Convertible1996-1999
JAGUAR  XK 8 Convertible (X100) 4.2AJ8FT41962198Convertible2002-2006
JAGUAR  XK 8 Convertible (X100) R 4,2AJ8FT41962918Convertible2002-2006
JAGUAR  XK 8 Coupe (X100) 4.0AJ26,AJ2739962098Coupe1996-2005
JAGUAR  XK 8 Coupe (X100) 4.0AJ-V8,AJ2639962168Coupe1996-2005
JAGUAR  XK Convertible (X150) 4.2 XK8AJ8FT41962198Convertible2006-2014
JAGUAR  XK Convertible (X150) 4.2 XKRSV8TS41963068Convertible2006-2014
JAGUAR  XK Convertible (X150) 5.0 V8508PN50002838Convertible2009-2014
JAGUAR  XK Coupe (X150) 4.2 XK8AJ8FT41962198Coupe2006-2014
JAGUAR  XK Coupe (X150) 5.0 V8508PN50002838Coupe2009-2014
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5EPE2469894Closed Off-Road Vehicle1995-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5EPE2464894Closed Off-Road Vehicle1990-1996
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5EPE2464904Closed Off-Road Vehicle1986-1990
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5 4x4EPE2464904Closed Off-Road Vehicle1986-1990
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5 4x4EPE2464874Closed Off-Road Vehicle1984-1986
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5 SEEPE2464874Closed Off-Road Vehicle1996-1999
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5 i 4x4EPE,HX2469904Closed Off-Road Vehicle1991-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 2.5 i 4x4EPE2464874Closed Off-Road Vehicle1984-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 4.0 iMX39641356Closed Off-Road Vehicle1991-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 4.0 iERH39641366Closed Off-Road Vehicle1988-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 4.0 iERH39601276Closed Off-Road Vehicle1998-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 4.0 iMX39601356Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2001
JEEP  CHEROKEE (XJ) 4.0 i 4x4ERH39641316Closed Off-Road Vehicle1995-2001
JEEP  CJ5 - CJ8 2.5 2464784Open Off-Road Vehicle1984-1987
JEEP  COMANCHE (MJ) 2.5EPE2464904Pickup1986-1990
JEEP  COMANCHE (MJ) 2.5 4x4EPE2464904Pickup1986-1990
JEEP  COMMANDER (XK, XH) 4.7 V8 4x4EVA47011708Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2010
JEEP  COMPASS (MK49) 2.0ECN19981154Closed Off-Road Vehicle2011-
JEEP  COMPASS (MK49) 2.4ED3,ERZ23591254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2006-
JEEP  COMPASS (MK49) 2.4 4x4ED3,ERZ23591254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2006-
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE II (WJ, WG) 4.0ERH39641406Closed Off-Road Vehicle1998-2004
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE II (WJ, WG) 4.0 4x4ERH39601406Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2005
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE II (WJ, WG) 4.7 V8 4x4EVA47011628Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2000
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE II (WJ, WG) 4.7 V8 4x4EVC47011908Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2005
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE II (WJ, WG) 4.7 V8 4x4EVA47011678Closed Off-Road Vehicle2003-2005
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE III (WH, WK) 4.7 V8 4x4EVA47011708Closed Off-Road Vehicle2005-2010
JEEP  PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4ED323591254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2009-
JEEP  PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4 4x4ED323591254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-
JEEP  PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4 Eco + 4x4ED323591254Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-
JEEP  WRANGLER I (YJ, SJ_) 2.5 2464764Open Off-Road Vehicle1988-1991
JEEP  WRANGLER I (YJ, SJ_) 2.5EPE2464894Open Off-Road Vehicle1991-1996
JEEP  WRANGLER I (YJ, SJ_) 4.0ERH39641316Open Off-Road Vehicle1991-1996
JEEP  WRANGLER II (TJ) 2.5P002464874Open Off-Road Vehicle1996-2007
JEEP  WRANGLER II (TJ) 4.0S0139601306Open Off-Road Vehicle1996-2007
JEEP  WRANGLER II (TJ) 4.0 39601246Open Off-Road Vehicle1998-2007
JEEP  WRANGLER II (TJ) 4.0 RubiconERH39641286Open Off-Road Vehicle2003-2007

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