Which Car Upgrades Are Actually Worth Buying?

2022-09-03 06:46:43 By : Mr. Mike Lu

When you’re in college, money is almost always tight—because of that, improving your car is typically lower on your list of to-dos. While that’s totally understandable, there are times in which it’s better to buy a better part early on to avoid a surprise charge when it gives out down the road. To avoid that issue, here’s a list of which car upgrades are actually worth buying that will be quite handy for you.

Tires are one aspect of a car many people cheap out on, but it’s one of the most important to go premium with. Not only will the more expensive tires last longer than lower quality ones, but they will also improve your vehicle’s overall braking, accelerating, and turning capabilities. Plus, you’ll want that extra grip for those slick, snow-covered roads.

The spark plugs that your car came with are likely decent, but we doubt they’re top-quality ones. These are a vital part of your engine that’s absolutely necessary for it to run at all. If your spark plugs aren’t that good, you’ll constantly have to replace them. Instead of going through that hassle, you should invest in some platinum or iridium ones. If you buy the right kind, they could potentially last you through the entire life of the vehicle.

One of the worst surprise expenses that come up in a car owner’s life is a broken-down transmission. While upgrading to a better one can be on the expensive side, at least it will be on your terms, and you’ll know that it’s built to last. When buying a high-performance transmission, there are some important tips to be aware of, but once you’ve made the purchase, your car will become quite the powerhouse. Even if you don’t care about being able to accelerate faster, there’s a good chance that having the ability will improve your overall gas mileage.

For the final entry in our list of which car upgrades are actually worth buying, we decided to include a fun one that most college students would enjoy: an integrated smartphone system. Even though most newer cars come with built-in Bluetooth systems, not all of them have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as an option. Upgrading to these will not only make it easier to listen to your favorite tunes, but they’ll improve your GPS experience while driving, making it much safer to use on the go. This improvement might not actually make your car perform better, but it will significantly enhance your driving experience.

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